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Period of the Reformation. In the first assault, the Constable de Bourbon was killed by the shot of an arquebus. Volume viii, part. This gave the Colonna, and all the other Ghibbelines in central Italy, the signal to rise against the papal government. 29 The Emperor Charles had promised to support the English Cardinal Wolsey, but his orders to his agents in Rome ordered support for Cardinal Giulio de'Medici. Low Cost Florence transfers - Fixed Prices. He held the Administratorship until, when Marino Caracciolo was appointed Bishop. Pompeo immediately made an attack on the house of Cardinal Antonio Maria Ciocchi del Monte, who had been made administrator of the Diocese of Rieti when Pompeo had been deposed in 1511, and on Mariano Cucini, an official.

Battle of Garigliano (1503), in which, piero de' Medici, the elder brother of Giovanni de' Medici (Pope Leo X) was killed. 110 In the Spring of 1532, the Cardinal was obliged to raise troops and money for the army which Charles V was leading into Hungary, intending to defend Vienna and rescue his cousin, the Emperor Ferdinand I from the giant army of Suleiman the Magnificent. 1564-70 On the new Pope, Clement VII (Medici), named Cardinal Colonna to be Vice-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Church, the head of the entire papal Secretariat; 53 the Vice-Chancellorship was the most lucrative of all the offices in the Roman Curia. The pallium is proof. Guilelmus van Gulik and Conradus Eubel, Hierarchia catholica medii et recentioris aevi Volumen III, editio altera (Monasterii 1923.

There are no extra charges for luggage, skis, child seats or any other hidden extras. Lorenzo in Lucina on 1 November 1524, and was allowed to keep the Basilica XII Apostolorum in commendam (as protector). (London: Longmans, Green, Reader and Dyer, 1866. 83 The famous goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini, who was with the papal party and fled with Clement VII to the Castel. 43 The French and Imperialists were in jealous competition with one another. 101 The Imperial army officially left Rome on 12 July, leaving behind much of their plunder and taking with them the plague. On, after the resignation of Cardinal Giovanni Piccolomini upon his appointment as Cardinal Bishop of Albano, Cardinal Pompeo Colonna was appointed Administrator of the Diocese of Aquileia in the Kingdom of Naples. 27 Bishop Guidolotto wrote to the Duke of Urbino that the debt stood at 800,000 ducats.

Volume IV: The Italian princes. On the same day they were promised military support by the Colonna. 2, in 1498, as a young man of eighteen, Pompeo fought alongside his uncle Prospero, Lord of Genazzano and Nemi, Duke of Traetto, Count of Fondi, against the traditional family enemies, the. Pisani had an excellent source: his son Cardinal Francesco Pisani, who had fled with the Pope, and who was sending letters to his father. We can arrange custom-made tours in Florence on request, based on individual preferences and budgets. 54 Early in 1524 the Cardinal was also Legate to the Imperial Court, to attempt to bring about a truce between Charles V and Francis I, and Erasmus wrote of him, "He is a clever man. 22 He then became famous for his banquets and intellectual activities.

The Prince of Salerno was designated to take the money to the Emperor. At the culmination of his career he was Viceroy of the Kingdom of Naples (1530-1532) for the Emperor Charles. Sommi pontefici, et del cardinal Pompeo Colonna, scritte per mons. The payment for the transfer is to the driver but advance payment and payment by credit card in the car is also available on request. If the Imperial and Medici factions joined, however, they had a good chance of making a pope, but they needed six votes from elsewhere to realize their goal. Antonio Maria Bernasconi (1905). The Political Role of the Orsini Family from Sixtus IV to Clement VII: Barons and Factions in the Papal States. VI of six volume edition.

His allies the Sforza attempted a coup in Milan, but were besieged in the fortress and finally forced to surrender on 24 July. Eusanio Forconese, preferring one of his own retinue from Rieti for the benefice. London: Longmans Green. Angelo was Paolo Giovio, the historian and biographer. 107 Career in Naples edit In 1530 he was created Lieutenant General of the Kingdom of Naples by the Emperor Charles V, and when Philibert of Chalon, Prince of Orange, died on, Cardinal Colonna was named Viceroy of Naples in his place. 21 Cardinal edit Pompeo Colonna was created cardinal-priest along with thirty other prelates by Pope Leo X in his fifth Consistory for the creation of Cardinals, on On 4 November 1517 he was assigned the titulus of the Basilica XII Apostolorum. Le vite di Leon decimo et d'Adriano. Pietro in Vincoli, Fra Angelo Maria da Orvieto, reported (Sanuto,. Volume I (Third.).

On 22 February the army decided to head south, with Rome as its goal. Scegliendo accetta ED entra, l'utente dichiara di essere maggiorenne e di esonerare totalmente i fornitori del servizio, proprietari e creatori del sito m dalla responsabilità sul contenuto degli annunci/inserzioni pubblicitarie e del loro utilizzo. 165 (a friar. 88 Cardinal Pompeo took up residence in the Cancelleria Palace, which had been his when he was Vice-Chancellor. The Pope replied, loudly and angrily, that Colonna ought to be in Rome doing his business as a good ecclesiastic; since the Pope had never been the occasion for the Cardinal's absence, he would not beg for his return. Rather than see an Orsini made Pope, and aware that he himself could not produce a 'virtual veto' against him, Cardinal Colonna decided that Medici was the lesser of two evils, and that he would have to vote for him. Our Florence airport shuttle service is private. I diarii di Marino Sanuto: (mccccxcvi-mdxxxiii) dall' autografo Marciano ital.

111 Two of the Cardinal's nephews Camillo 112 and Marzio joined the expedition. Roma: Stamperia di Andrea Fei. Both the Orsini and the Colonna factions entered the city on 22 February. 9, trouble with Pope Julius edit, in 1511, when rumours of the imminent death of Pope Julius II spread, 10 Pompeo and Antonio Savelli spurred the Roman population to rebel against the Papal authority. The opening ceremonies took place in the Vatican Basilica on Friday 4 March, with twenty-five cardinals participating. But Cardinal Pompeo, having no doubt that he would be in danger, would not allow himself to be tempted by any offers to get him to return to Rome. Prospero sent his nephew Pompeo on an embassy to the Emperor Maximilian and King Charles, and charged him with winning over King Ferdinand, Max's grandson. 165) that the dead cardinals were: Aracoeli, Cesi, Santiquattro and Ponzetta.

Gli inserzionisti di m dichiarano che gli scopi della pubblicazione richiesta sono leciti (secondo le vigenti normative in materia penale) e strettamente personali, quindi esentano i gestori del sito da ogni responsabilità amministrativa e penale eventualmente derivante da finalità. He held the diocese until he was deprived of all of his benefices as a result of his attack on Pope Clement VII in 1526. 16 On Friday 11 March the cardinals elected Giovanni de' Medici, who took the name Leo. Lorenzo in Naples, explained the Emperor's requirements to the barons of the Kingdom of Naples, and managed to extract some 600,000 ducats from them, the payment of which was to be spread over four years. 23 On, Pope Leo named Cardinal Colonna Administrator of the diocese of Potenza in the Kingdom of Naples. 14 Pompeo was so angry that he even threatened to join the French, who had seized Bologna earlier in the year, but his uncle Prospero firmly dissuaded him from such wild designs. Guilelmus van Gulik Conradus Eubel Hierarchia catholica III (Monasterii 1923. In fact the Pope was refusing to transact any ecclesiastical business at all so long as he was in the Castel. Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina (1864).

87 They came up from Lanuvium, by way of the Porta. The Spanish-German army, numbering some 40,000 soldiers, reached Rome on Sunday 5 May, and that afternoon the Constable de Bourbon made the Convent. Florence tours and private hire available. Among those in the Castel. Von Lutrech, was remarking that Leo X had been an annoyance to the Emperor in the conflict with France over the Duchy of Milan. 87, 90, 91, 92 (the Bishop of Motula). 19 The Colonna family suffered a major disaster, when Pompeo's uncle, Prospero Colonna, was defeated and captured at Battle of Marignano on 14 September 1515.

73 A surprise skirmish took place on 31 January at Frosinone, in which the Imperial forces, in which Cardinal Pompeo Colonna was playing a military role, were bested. The Correspondence of Erasmus Letters 1658 to 1801: January 1526-March 1527. Secretly, he informed Cardinal Tommaso de Vio Cajetanus that his real preference, when the time was ripe, was for Cardinal Adrian of Dertosa, his boyhood tutor and his current Regent in Spain. Et Pompeii Columnae cardinalis vitae. He was then recalled to Rome by his uncle. Il Cardinale Pompeo Colonna: su documenti editi e inediti ; (con ritratto). Florence Taxi can be arranged from and to any destination. On 26 April there was an attempted revolution in Florence by the opponents of the Medici, whose agent, Cardinal Silvio Passerini, had drained the population of so much of their resources; it failed, due to the arrival of some Medici allies.

Grottaferrata, again in succession to Giovanni Colonna; he was succeeded in 1513 by his nephew Scipione Colonna. 92 With the Viceroy of Naples, Lannoy, trapped in Siena (and the Prince of Orange unwilling to have him in Rome the Cardinal assumed control of the city of Rome, as much as anyone could, while his personal. He will help you with your luggage and escort you to the vehicle. The voting quickly fell into a pattern, and for three weeks there was no change in position. King Federigo I, whose fast friend he quickly became.

Princeton NJ: Princeton.P. Alessandro Luzio, "Due documenti mantovani sul conclave di Adriano VI Archivio della Società Romana di Storia Patria 29 (1906) 379-396,. Volume III (second.). Colonna was so informed by the Spanish, and he replied that he did not think he could come to Rome in safety, but if the Spanish ambassadors' interests required it, he would come and risk the Pope's wrath. Anna of Monte Oliveto. 31 On the 20th the Venetian ambassador reported that Pompeo Colonna had deserted Medici, and that the Imperial agent, Msgr. 108 Cardinal Pompeo was also a poet.

Giuseppe Gerosa Brichetto (1965). 82 The Sack (7-14 May) edit The attack on Rome began around 4:00 am on 7 May with a two-pronged assault on the southern gate to the Leonine City (Vatican at the Porta Santo Spirito and. The French had promised aid, but it was not forthcoming until 11 March, and then the French Ambassador, Guillaume du Bellay, brought with him as well a list of terms, one of which was an expedition of the Pope against Naples. Volume III, Part 2 (Henry viii). 18 Pompeo Colonna, Bishop of Rieti, participated in the V Lateran Council, and at the Seventh Plenary Session on, read out Pope Leo's memorandum on the work of the Council, and also announced the postponement of the next.

His family belonged to the highest rank of nobility both of the City of Rome and of the Kingdom of Naples. Duke Alfonso of Ferrara, who was supporting the Emperor, refused his assistance to the army. 57 Revolutionary edit In 1526, Cardinal Pompeo Colonna became directly involved with European politics again. 102 In April, however, the Cardinal had a falling out with the Prince of Orange and left Naples, making for Gaeta. Colonna's secretary, Vincenzo Pimpinella, became one of Pope Clement's Secretaries. 86 Cardinal Colonna played a visible role in the Sack of Rome, with a group of mercenaries and peasants from the Colonna fiefs in Lazio and elsewhere, ultimately amounting to more than 8,000 men. Yet another monk puts the total at 12,000 men (Sanuto,. Sack of Rome (1527) edit In mid-November 1526 Frundberg and 12,000 men crossed the Alps.

74 March on Rome edit Meanwhile, the army of Germans and Spaniards had reached the territory of Bologna, from whom they demanded supplies, since they had been living by plunder for some weeks. It was alleged that one of the nephews of Cardinal Colonna participated in the sack of a convent and rape of the nuns. The Administrator also enjoyed the right to fill whatever benefices were vacant during his term, normally a privilege of the Bishop; this allowed him to reward his faithful followers and servants at no expense to himself. Angelo, 84 claimed credit as the marksman, though the morning was foggy and the arquebus' accuracy is not great. 25 The result was a four years long war in Italy. Giulio de' Medici chose to be called Clement VII, and was crowned.

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On 13 May she managed to escape the palazzo and Rome. Around 25 October, Cardinal Numai received twenty-two votes, only four short of election, 47 but the Imperialists remembered well that he had taken his Degree at the Sorbonne, and that he was a personal friend and former Confessor. 91 On 10 May Cardinal Pompeo was put in command of the part of Rome immediately in front of the Castel. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 59 This plan was already known to the French Ambassador, Alberto Pio de Carpi, who informed King Francis on 24 June. Moncado extracted from the Pope a four-month-long truce with the Emperor, removal of Papal troops from Lombardy, the withdrawal of the papal fleet from Genoa, and a full pardon for the Colonna and permission for them to withdraw to Naples. Deputazione abruzzese di storia patria. At some point during the first two weeks, Cardinal della Valle, a member of the Medici faction, managed to poll sixteen votes, and three cardinals switched to his side at the accessio (opportunity to change votes before the final announcement of the totals).

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On, Cardinal Pompeo was named Administrator of the diocese of Aversa in the Kingdom of Naples by Clement VII; he resigned upon the appointment of his nephew Fabio Colonna to the See on 24 September 1529. The Cardinal was not a disinterested philanthropist, for, though he increased the numbers and prestige of the Canons, his nephew also gained twelve benefices which were at the disposal of the Bishop to reward Colonna followers. Cardinal Colonna was named Administrator of the diocese of Acerno in the Kingdom of Naples on ; he held the post until, when a bishop was appointed. 37 Cardinal Colonna, on, wrote that he and Cardinal Cristoforo Numai had arranged a truce for six months between Terni and Collescipoli; Cardinal Colonna has pledged his word to Collescipoli that Terni would not attack them 38 Following the death. Angelo, and the Vatican and. In this he was successful. Cardinal Pompeo retired to his monastery at Grottaferrata, and then made for Naples. University of Toronto Press. 77 Pope Clement, his funds exhausted, tried to renew his treaty with the leaders of the Imperial party. Volume viii, Part. 6, on the death of Cardinal Giovanni Colonna (26 September 1508) who had governed the See of Rieti since 1480, Pompeo was named bishop of Rieti by Pope Julius II on Pompeo ruled the diocese until he resigned. In March the Spanish negotiators in Rome, Herrera and Sessa, invited Cardinal Pompeo to Rome, but he was ill and unable to come. 93 On it was reported to the Marchese of Mantua that Cardinal Colonna was going to be restored to all of his dignities and benefices, as soon as the Pope could arrange a Consistory. On Thursday, Cardinal Adrian Florenszoon Dedel, who was not even present at the Conclave, was elected. The Pope fled to the Castel. Paolo Jovio, " Pompeii Columnae Cardinalis vita. Chambers, David (29 September 2006). 104 Cardinal Colonna was named Administrator of the diocese of Sarno in the Kingdom of Naples on, and he continued in that office until his death on 105 On 14 December 1530 the Cardinal was named archbishop. Camillo Colonna had fought with the armies of Charles V, and participated in the Sack of Pome in 1527: Paolo Giovio, "Pompeii Columnae Cardinalis vita. The driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals lounge of the airport holding a sign with your name. Immediately after his promotion, he was sent to Germany ( Germania Superior where he met the Emperor in Augsburg ( Augusta Vindelicorum and followed his Court, inspecting the German cities and learning of their moral state. The Emperor immediately sent an ambassador to Rome, Ugo Moncada, his Viceroy of Sicily, who arrived on 17 June. escort forum terni escort pavia

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